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White Poplar

Populous alba

Transported to North America from Europe in the 18th century, White Poplar (Populous alba) is a light, soft hardwood with sapwood that is white or light green cast. The color is lighter and more uniform than that of native American Southern “Yellow Poplar” (also known as “Tulipwood,” Liriodendron tulipfera), and it is also generally free of dark mineral streaks that are found in the southern species.

Product Information

We produce White Poplar lumber in standard thicknesses of 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4. Packages are sorted according to National Hardwood Lumber Association rules as F&B or FAS&FAS1F (Face and better) grade, #1 common grade, and #2 common grade. Narrow selects, short selects and width sorts may be available.

Harvesting Region

Our White Poplar is harvested from prime timberland in northern Appalachia. It grows in mixed hardwood forests that naturally regenerate. The species is rated by NatureServe as secure in its conservation status.

Relative Working & Physical Properties

White Poplar machines easily but may fuzz and tear if tools are not sharp. It takes paints and stains well. It is relatively inexpensive and commonly used in furniture, mouldings, paneling and panels, carvings and crates.

  • Specific Gravity0.42
  • Weight449 kg /m3
  • Hardness540 lbf
  • Machining5
  • Nailing2
  • Screwing4
  • Gluing4
  • Finishing5
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