Also Known As:

Basswood, Linden, Lime Tree


4/4, 5/4, 8/4



  • NHLA standard 5″ wider 7′ longer

1,2 COM

  • NHLA 3″ wider 6′ longer

FSC Available

Upon Request
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Physical Characteristics

Basswood is a soft, light weight wood, pale in color, with fine close grain. It is usually free of large knots. Our Basswood hardwood comes from within about 100 mile radius(62 km) of our manufacturing facilities. The light density of basswood lumber makes it well suited for wooden-ware, crates, blinds, and internal furniture parts. Easy to work with hand tools, kiln dried basswood is often used for wooden carving. In mouldings and many other applications, it can be used as a substitute for aspen or poplar.

We offer our Basswood in truckload quantities. Contact us for a quote from one of our lumber experts. Mixed species, thickness and grade inquiries are welcome.