Also Known As

Black Cherry, Pennsylvania Cherry, New York Cherry


4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4



  • Color is minimum 90/50 and better
  • NHLA 5″ wider 7′ and longer
  • 7′ packaged separately
  • Minimal gum admitted
  • Available in 4/4 only

F&B (In 4/4)

  • Color is 80/30 to 90/50
  • Moderate to heavy gum streaks and spots are admitted
  • NHLA 5″ and wider 7′ and longer


  • Boards with color below 80/30 with unlimited gum streaks and spots
  • NHLA 5″ wider 7′ longer
  • Available in 4/4 only

F&B (In 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4)

  • Color is minimum 90/80 and better
  • Minimal gum streaks and spots are admitted
  • NHLA 5″ and wider 7′ longer


  • NHLA selects. Pulled to width 3.75″– 4.5″. Sorted 6-12′
  • Color is minimum 80/30 and better
  • Available in 4/4 only


  • NHLA selects 6′ only
  • Color is minimum 90/50 and better
  • Available in 4/4 only

1, 2, 3 COM

  • NHLA 3″ wider 6′ and longer unselected for color

FSC Available

Upon Request (View Certificate)

Green Available


Rustic Available

Yes (4/4) View images of rustic products

Rustic Cherry
North America, USA, New York State, Cortland County, Cortland, Gutchess Lumber

Boules Available

Yes, please call for our current inventory availability.

Physical Characteristics

Black Cherry hardwood from our region is one of the most valued species of hardwoods with its rich red heartwood, beautiful grain patterns and minimal gum spots. Various subspecies of Cherry exist across the eastern and southern United States and far down into Mexico. Our Black Cherry lumber comes from Pennsylvania and New York, a region where the quality of the wood is renowned worldwide and close to our manufacturing facilities (approximately within a 100 mile radius). Black Cherry is medium density, with good wood bending properties. It machines, nails and glues well, and has an unsurpassed finish when stained or polished. Uses for kiln dried cherry lumber include fine furniture, cabinets, paneling, flooring, doors, recreational vehicle interiors, string instruments, coffins and carvings.

For quotes on full truckload or container load quantities of Black Cherry hardwood, get in touch with one of our professionals by phone or send us a message today. Mixed species, thickness and grade inquiries are welcome.