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4/4, 5/4



  • Stock is put up 5″ wider 7′ longer

1, 2, 3 COM

  • NHLA 3″ wider 6′ and longer

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Rustic Available

Yes (4/4) View images of rustic products

Rustic Hickory
North America, USA, New York State, Cortland County, Cortland, Gutchess Lumber

Physical Characteristics

Northern Shagbark Hickory is found in the northern Appalachians of the United States. It is distinct from Southern Shagbark Hickory (or “Carolina Shagbark Hickory”) which is a separate species or variety. Its light sapwood and brown heartwood make for distinctive contrasts. Our Shagbark Hickory hardwood comes from the north Appalachian region in the proximity of our New York and Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities. Hickory is hard, dense and heavy. The tough resilient properties of Northern Shagbark Hickory lumber make it desirable for products subject to impact and stress. It is used for cabinets, tool handles, axles and shafts, bows, skis, paddles, furniture, and flooring.

Manufacturers and distributors looking for quotes on Northern Shagbark Hickory lumber in Full Truckload Quantities, call today to speak with one of our specialists. Mixed species, thickness and grade inquiries are welcome.