• NHLA standard 5″ wider 7′ longer
  • Sap 1 face and better

1,2 COM

  • NHLA 3″ wider 6′ longer
  • Unselected for color

FSC Available


Physical Characteristics

Our Yellow Birch hardwood comes from approximately 100 mile radius (62 km) of our manufacturing facilities in New York and Pennsylvania.  Heartwood tends to be a light reddish brown, with nearly white sapwood. There is virtually no color distinction between annual growth rings, giving Birch a uniform appearance.  The grain is generally straight or slightly wavy, with a fine, even texture. Yellow Birch lumber is typically easy to work with hand and machine tools, turns, glues, and finishes well.  Kiln dried Yellow Birch is often used for furniture, kitchen cabinets, paneling, moldings (interior trim), interior doors, flooring, and other small specialty wood items.

Contact us today about quotes on full truckload quantities of our Yellow Birch lumber if you are a distributor or manufacturer. Mixed species, thickness and grade inquiries are welcome.