Rustic (Character) Sorts Available in Hard Maple, Hickory, Cherry and White Oak

When looking for truckloads of rustic hardwood, you’ll want to know the look of the grain and color of the lumber you’re purchasing. Here you can find images of all our rustic lumber available in Hard Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and White Oak. The rustic hardwood lumber we have to offer is pale in color, with a fine tight grain. These hardwoods in rustic character are all stain-grade and are typically free of large knots.

For more questions about our rustic northern hardwood in truckload quantities, give us a call and you’ll be able speak with one of our professionals.
Rustic 4/4 Hard Maple (below)

Rustic Hard Maple

Rustic 4/4 Hard Maple

Rustic 4/4 Hickory (below)

Rustic Hickory

Rustic 4/4 Hickory
Rustic 4/4 Cherry (below)

Rustic Cherry

Rustic 4/4 Cherry
Rustic 4/4 White Oak (below)

Rustic White Oak

Rustic 4/4 White Oak