Hardwood Export Services

Gutchess has been a hardwood lumber exporter of northern hardwood lumber for decades, and is a long standing member of the American Hardwood Export Council. Our experience and expertise in shipping lumber internationally combined with our knowledge of northern hardwoods has positioned us well as a global supplier. Our international customers know they can expect high quality lumber with northern hardwood exports. For inquiries outside the United States and Canada, please contact us info@gutchess.com or call us 011-607-753-3393.  Look below in our FAQ regarding exports to find the conversion for Cubic Meters to Board Feet.

“The first container Poplar I took complete to our warehouse and looked at it this morning.  Honestly, it is the nicest poplar I ever seen.  When can you cut more of this for me?”

— European Customer


Frequently Asked Questions regarding exports.

  1. What role does Gutchess Lumber play in arranging the shipment and documentation of lumber?
    We will handle your shipment from the time the order is placed until it arrives at the port of destination.
  2. What are the payment terms?
    CIA (Cash in Advance), L/C (Letter of Credit) and CAD (Cash Against Documents). CAD terms based on credit approval.
  3. One Cubic Meter is equal to how many board feet?
    There are approximately 423.78 board feet in 1 Cubic Meter.
  4. What is the minimum order quantity?
    All export shipments are sent via standard 40’ dry container which is approximately 12,000 board foot or 28.32 cubic meters. Board footage may vary slightly depending on species.
  5. What ports does Gutchess Lumber ship from?
    All exports shipments are shipped from the ports of New York, NY, Baltimore, MD and/or Norfolk, VA.
  6. What Countries does Gutchess Lumber ship to?
    We have the ability to ship our products anywhere in the world to the extent the law permits.
  7. Is Gutchess Lumber able to ship mixed species and thicknesses?
    Yes, we can easily accommodate mixed species and thicknesses in the same container.
  8. Does Gutchess Lumber offer FSC certified lumber?
    Yes, FSC is available in most species upon request.
  9. How can I learn more about the species, thicknesses and grades Gutchess Lumber produces?
    See our lumber products offering here to learn more about the 11 species of northern hardwoods we produce.
  10. How can I learn more about Gutchess Lumber?
    Watch our company video here.

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