Northern Hardwood Lumber Yards and Sawmills in NY and PA

Kiln Dried North American Hardwood Lumber

Prized Selection

11 hardwood species grown and harvested from the northeast, where lumber is prized around the world.

Superb Service

Our 500+ employee owners are key to our success and our steadfast commitment to quality.

Superior Quality

Our focus is on producing the highest quality hardwood lumber from the New York and Pennsylvania areas.

Global Expertise

We have decades of expertise exporting our hardwood lumber and handling all aspects of shipment.

Popular Lumber

Red oak

Thickness: 8/4 | Grade: F&B

Quercus rubra, also known as Red Oak, is a strong, durable, and easy to work with hardwood that is consistent in color and texture. Our Red Oak lumber is grown and responsibly harvested in the northeastern region of the United States and within about a 100 mile (160km) radius of our lumber yards and sawmills in New York and Pennsylvania.


Thickness: 4/4 | Grade: F&BS

Prunus serotina, also known as Black Cherry, Pennsylvania Cherry and New York Cherry, is one of the most valued species that grows in our region. The northeast is known worldwide for the quality of hardwood. Our Black Cherry lumber comes from a 100 mile (160km) radius of our facilities across New York and Pennsylvania.

I must take this opportunity to commend Gutchess Lumber on the quality people you have on staff. The crew did a superb job every step of the way. Working with people like you have at Gutchess makes my job quite easier.

– Hardwood Distributor

Straight Line Rip

Ripped-To-Width Hardwood Lumber
At Gutchess Lumber, our goal is to alleviate our customer’s pain points and improve their bottom line. One of the primary pain points we frequently hear about revolves around waste. This is the reason why we added an Eagle ripping machine to our Cortland, New York manufacturing facility. We have the ability to provide customers with both straight-line rip 1 edge capabilities (SL1E) as well as products ripped to specific widths (S4S). This machine provides customers with a true glue ready edge product that will help to save time and money, minimize waste as well as increase yield and profitability.
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Recreational And Hunting Leasing

Lease Prime Land in NY and PA
We offer recreational and hunting leasing opportunities throughout rural New York and Pennsylvania on timberlands that we own. All leases are renewable licenses and run from September 1st through August 31st of the following year. Cost is determined on a per acre basis with payment due at signing. Existing lessees have priority lease renewal for the following year. Land is not available for commercial use. Camping is allowed and insurance will be provided for your hunt club.
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Forest Services

It All Begins in the Woods
In addition to offering some of the best hardwood on the market, we also offer a range of forestry services. We buy standing timber, purchase forest lands, purchase high quality logs, and we sell a variety of logs that do not fit our manufacturing process or are surplus. Gutchess Lumber also offers consulting services.
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A global leader in sustainable, premium northern hardwood

Leading the hardwood industry for over a century

Our roots run deep. Since 1904, Gutchess Lumber Co., Inc. has produced the finest quality northern hardwood lumber through our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities across New York and Pennsylvania. Our longevity and reputation is testament to the commitment we made close to 120 years ago, which was to provide our customers with quality products and service.

With seven lumber yards and sawmills, our continued success over the years can be attributed to operating in the heart of the premium growth area for northern hardwoods as well as our unwavering commitment to quality. Over 500 dedicated employee owners drive our goal of producing the finest quality hardwood lumber available; some being children and grandchildren of employees who began careers at Gutchess Lumber many years ago.

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We have stood behind our product for more than one hundred years and are steadfast in our commitment to continue to do so. We welcome the opportunity to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

I can count on you guys to get back with me quickly and prepare loads in a very timely fashion. A couple of weeks ago, I put together a load at 1:00 in the afternoon and it was in my warehouse at 2:00 the following day.

– Hardwood Distributor