Sawmill, Forestry, and Leasing Services

About Our Services

Committed to Sustainability

Gutchess Lumber operates three different business divisions in rural communities in New York’s Mohawk Valley: Sawmill, Forestry, and Leasing Services. All three of these divisions work together to better the lifespan and sustainability of our planet’s natural resources.

Gutchess Lumber’s sawmills provide lumber from sustainable sources, learn more about our dedication to environmental sustainability and natural forest regeneration here.

Hardwood Export Services

Gutchess Lumber is a long standing member of the American Hardwood Export Council and has been exporting hardwoods from the northern region of the United States for decades. We are a global supplier of hardwood lumber, with experience and expertise in shipping all around the world. Our knowledge and vast experience has positioned us well as the industry’s go-to global hardwood supplier. Gutchess’ international customers know they can expect high quality lumber from us.

“The first container of Poplar I took was delivered to our warehouse and looked at it this morning. Honestly, it is the nicest Poplar I have ever seen. When can you cut more of this for me?”
European Customer

Lumber Purchasing and Acquisition

Logging and Forestry Services

Selling timber directly to a reputable mill with qualified foresters will cut out the middle man or fees that a logger/consultant can charge. When dealing direct, you are our priority. When we receive invitations for pricing from loggers and consultants, we have many options across a wide geographic area, and may or may not give prices.

Forest Management Consulting

Logging and Forestry Services

Our philosophy is that “it all begins in the woods,” which we believe to be an integral part of our company. We employ over 20 qualified foresters whose collective experience is greater than 250 years. These professional foresters are the backbone of our company. They work hard to ensure that forests are managed responsibly and maximize long term returns for forest landowners through customized forestry management programs.

We understand how to protect forest health, encourage growth and enhance future value. We also know that land is more than just the trees- it includes a larger ecosystem with clean water and fresh air which deserves professional care, which we are happy to provide.

Recreational Leases

Gutchess Lumber provides the perfect opportunity for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy exclusive year round recreational rights on land that we own and manage. With plenty of hunting spots and camping sites there’s no shortage when it comes down to choosing how best to use our various properties in every situation imaginable. We make it easy for you to lease an available property on our 29,000 acres.

Want to see the beauty of the land for yourself? Get in touch with leasing services and we would be happy to provide you with more information and set up a viewing of the property.

Environment and Sustainability

Rooted in Responsible Forest Stewardship

As forestry experts, we understand that high quality hardwood and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. Our goal is to create a greener future by practicing responsible forestry management programs on our company land as well as for individual forest landowners. This practice enables natural forest regeneration and creates climate change-resilient forests.

Naturally regenerating forests are known to be more resilient, which is determined by the forests biological and ecological resources, including the diversity of native plants, animals, and fungi. To help us reach our goal, Gutchess Lumber, our parent company, employs a team of qualified foresters, all of whom champion and oversee responsible forestry management practices.

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