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The Value of Hardwood: Why It’s Worth Every Dollar

In a world where aesthetics are the most important element of a space, people often find themselves drawn to hardwood products despite their price tags. …


What is Carbon Sequestration + How it Works

Think of the Earth like your house on a holiday, filled with so many guests, you are running out of room for everyone to sit. …

Hardwood and Biophilia

How Hardwood used in Biophilia Design

Every day more and more people are looking to reconnect with nature through hobbies, incorporating nature into their lives and homes and even moving towards …


Where do Furniture Manufacturers Buy Hardwood?

Furniture manufacturers are constantly looking for new places to buy the hardwood that is used to make products, including tables, chairs, bed frames, cabinets, couches, …


White Ash Wood Strength

When it comes to hardwood, White Ash is a popular choice for its strength, flexibility, and great looks. Our White Ash hardwood is dense with …

Social Media Impact on Hardwood Supply and Demand

How Social Media Can Impact Hardwood Supply and Demand

Social media is a powerhouse that influences our opinions and decisions more than we think. These platforms have become key players in many industries, influencing …


Red Oak Versus White Oak Hardwood

The debate between choosing Red Oak and White Oak has been longstanding. While White Oak has often been lauded for its timeless elegance and durability, …

Gutchess Lumber hardwood forest

Active Forest Management: Creating a Greener Future for All

In elementary science class, we learn that forests are the lungs of our planet. They provide clean air, filter our water, and offer vital habitats …


The Importance of using Hardwood in Urban Infrastructure Projects

It is no secret that timeless and elegant infrastructure can add matched beauty to any product. We, more than anyone, can appreciate the major role …


Hardwood Forests: The Heroes of Carbon Sequestration

In 2024, we are all about ecology and sustainability and hardwood forests are nature’s heroes when it comes to promoting sustainability and fighting climate change. …

Gutchess Lumber Virtual Walkthrough

Gutchess Lumber Headquarters in New York Virtual Walkthrough

Safety protects our people. Quality protects our name. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our headquarters in Cortland, New York. See logs as they come into …


Popular American Appalachian Hardwoods

Hard, heavy, and reliable words one may use to describe American Appalachian hardwoods. Each American hardwood is unique, with unrivaled beauty, durability, and versatility. A …

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