Quercus Alba
Available Thicknesses

4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4

Other Styles

Boules, Rustic (4/4)

Cut and Surface Options

Surfacing and ripping is available upon request. More Info Here

About White Oak

White Oak (Quercus alba) tree growth is native to the eastern United States, though the White Oak tree can withstand a wide variety of climate conditions throughout various regions. Depending on its area of growth, the White Oak tree will thrive best under a variety of temperatures, annual precipitation levels, and relative humidity levels. White Oak trees can grow as large as 100 feet tall and reach a mature age within 20-years. The color of White Oak lumber can be described as being similar to wheat in color with cool undertones. White Oak wood features a very mild, straight grain pattern that is perceived as having a coarse, uneven texture even when planed.

White Oak wood is an extraordinarily durable wood type, with incredible water-resistant properties. White Oak wood pores are plugged by tyloses, making it harder for water to cause decay and rot. These natural waterproofing properties are the reason White Oak has historically been the wood of choice for shipbuilding.

White Oak Grades

Grade Dimensions Available Thicknesses Discription
F&B 5.0" wider by 7' and longer
7' packaged seperately
4/4 NHLA standard
F&B 5.0" and wider by 7' and longer
7' and 8' packaged together
5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 NHLA standard except: Minimum 90/80 heartwood. Very minimal sapwood.
1,2,3 COM NHLA 3" and wider by 7' and longer 4/4 NHLA Standard
Pallet NHLA 3" and wider by 7' and longer 4/4 Sound 3B

Physical Characteristics

White Oak has a light brown heartwood and slightly paler sapwood. It is strong, tough, dense, tight-grained, durable, and beautiful. Our White Oak hardwood is harvested from prime timberland in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. White Oak lumber is water-resistant which makes it the primary species for whiskey and wine barrels. Along with Black Cherry, it was a signature wood used in mission-style furniture by Gustav Stickley in the Craftsman style in the Arts and Crafts movement. It is still used in fine furniture today, as well as indoors, mouldings, caskets, boat decking, flooring, and outdoor applications. Kiln-dried White Oak is rated as one of the best hardwoods for machining and steam bending.

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