Forestry Management Consulting Services in NY and PA

Whatever your objective, our foresters are here to help. Through years of forestry consulting and sustainable forest management practices, our foresters can help determine what’s best for your tree lot.

Forest Management Consulting

Our philosophy is that “it all begins in the woods” which is why we employ over 20 qualified foresters on our staff whose collective experience is greater than 250 years. These experienced professionals manage our company’s timberlands and assist other forest landowners in maximizing their long term returns through professional forest management. We understand how to protect forest health, encourage growth, and enhance future value through sustainable selective harvesting. We know that land is more than just the trees, the timber is part of a larger ecosystem that includes the wildlife, clean water, and fresh air which is why they deserve professional care Gutchess Lumber can provide.

Our Services

Include the Following

Timber Purchasing

Many people ask: “How can I sell my timber?”. We buy standing timber consistent with landowner’s needs and desires and offer competitive pricing with upfront payment before harvesting. To meet the needs of our clients, we offer assessment services for both private landowners and large corporations. Our experts will evaluate your property to find the best way to manage it to maximize its potential.

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Timberland Acquisition

We purchase forest lands which we manage with our licensed foresters, so it produces sustainable timber yields year after year.

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Log Purchasing

We purchase high quality logs year round for all the species we offer as kiln dried lumber. We offer competitive pricing, prompt payment, and provide a log tally summary report.

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Log Sales

Gutchess Lumber has logs for sale. We sell a variety of species of logs that we do not saw in our mills or otherwise do not fit our manufacturing process. We also sell surplus log inventories for log purchasing.

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Consulting Services

Our foresters are available for consulting services in the following timber related areas: wildlife enhancement; timber and forest lands appraisals; and general boundary line services.

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Recreational Leases

We offer recreational leasing opportunities throughout rural New York and Pennsylvania on timberlands that we own. All leases are renewable licenses and run from September 1st through August 31st of the following year. Cost is determined on a per acre basis with payment due at signing. Existing lessees have priority lease renewal for the following year. Land is not available for commercial use. Camping is allowed and insurance will be provided for your hunt club.

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Wildlife Enhancement at Gutchess Lumber

Doing Our Part to Support and Regenerate Wildlife Habitats for Generations to Come

Wildlife depends on the forest for food, shelter, and protection. Through our sustainable forest management practices, Gutchess Lumber guarantees that the home for wildlife will continue to flourish for years to come.

Hear from a Customer

“I must take this opportunity to commend Gutchess Lumber Company on the quality people you have on staff. This is the third sale I’ve had completed with your company and each one gets better- the crew did a superb job every step of the way. Kyle personally did the remediation work and I must say is a magician with a dozer. He made the four parties involved very pleased and happy. That makes me happy. Again a tip of the hat to the job well done from a company that I would expect no less from. I hope we may continue doing business in the future. Working with people like you have at Gutchess makes my job quite enjoyable.”

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