Betula Alleghaniensis
Available Thicknesses


About Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch is native Northeastern North America and grows to heights of 65 feet to 100 feet with a trunk diameter of 2 feet to 3 feet. Yellow Birch lumber features light, red-brown heartwood with nearly white sapwood. Yellow Birch wood grain is generally straight with a fine, even texture. Yellow Birch hardness is notable with a 1,260 lbf Janka Hardness rating.

Yellow Birch Grades

Grade Dimension Thicknesses Description
F&B NHLA 5" Wider by 7' and longer 4/4 Sap 1 face and better.
1,2,3 COM NHLA 3" wider by 6' and longer 4/4 Unselected for color

Physical Characteristics

Our Yellow Birch hardwood comes from approximately 100-mile radius (62 km) of our manufacturing facilities in New York and Pennsylvania. Heartwood tends to be a light reddish-brown, with nearly white sapwood. There is virtually no color distinction between annual growth rings, giving Birch a uniform appearance. The grain is generally straight or slightly wavy, with a fine, even texture. Yellow Birch lumber is typically easy to work with hand and machine tools, turns, glues, and finishes well. Kiln-dried Yellow Birch is often used for furniture, kitchen cabinets, paneling, moldings (interior trim), interior doors, flooring, and other small specialty wood items.

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