Customer Testimonials

For over 120 years, Gutchess has been committed to providing high quality northern hardwood and exceptional service to our customers. It’s why people across the country and around the world say, “Be sure it’s Gutchess.”

"We have been trading with Gutchess Lumber for at least 20 years. They have always been reliable, straight-forward and their quality always meets expectations. Gutchess Lumber has always delivered on time, as per their contracts and their staff responsible for documentation are very thorough, ensuring that we never have any problems with the import process. We have no hesitation in advising that Gutchess Lumber is an honourable company."
Hardwood Distributer
"We purchase from Gutchess because we know the quality of the material is going to be high quality at a reasonable price, and the customer service is going to be at a high level. You always come through on your promises, and that gives us a great deal of confidence when ordering! We have had lots of issues with poor quality material arriving from other vendors in the past, and we know that we don’t need to worry about this from Gutchess. "
Commercial Furniture Manufacturer
"We like your quality and service and have less issues with your lumber compared to our competitors. We know your price is higher, but we have a better yield with Gutchess’ lumber."
Furniture Manufacturer
"You offer a good product for the price. Well packaged and good tallies. Minimal problems"
Dimensional Components
"We buy Gutchess because you have the best quality White Hard Maple in all thicknesses. No other source has Gutchess' quality. Gutchess helps us with the size lumber we need to survive. We need thick stock and Gutchess has 10/4, 12/4 and 16/4 sizes usually in stock in White Hard Maple. Please keep cutting these thick sizes! Thank you so much for the service all these years."
Wood Components
"Besides great service from sales reps, quality is #1, no other lumber compares to GLC stock. This makes things a lot easier, the high quality is invaluable to our outlet business. Also the variety of products you carry (especially rustic and color sorts) makes it easier for us to serve a multitude of customers from small 100’ orders to large whole pack orders."
Lumber Supplier
"The number one reason we buy from Gutchess is there quality. As a distributor, we are proud to send out Gutchess lumber and often times our customer requests lumber from Gutchess. They are as good word and that is why we keep going back! From a satisfied customer!"
Lumber Distributor

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We have stood behind our product for more than one hundred years and are steadfast in our commitment to continue to do so. We welcome the opportunity to put our experience and expertise to work for you.