Straight-Line Rip

At Gutchess Lumber the centerpieces of our sales program is helping our customers solve problems. We help to identify customer pain points and then figure out how GLC products and service can help solve those problems. We are constantly looking for ways to help customers improve their bottom line.

Save Money and Material

With Straigh-Line Ripping

Two of the more frequent pain points we hear about from customers are labor challenges and waste. Manual labor is becoming more difficult to find, and nobody wants to spend money on expensive freight for product, some of which will end up in the waste pile. We are happy to announce the addition of a new Eagle ripping machine that now gives GLC the ability to provide customers with both straight-line rip 1 edge capabilities (SL1E) as well as products ripped to specific widths (S4S). This machine will provide customers with a true glue-able edge. Essentially, we can now provide customers with a product that will save them time and money, help minimize waste as well as help increase yield and profitability.

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Ripping Details

Please feel free to ask your GLC sales representative about this new service we are excited to provide to you. Whether it be lumber that just needs ripped on one edge or a specific width you need, we are happy to provide this product to you.

  • The purpose of the SLR is to provide customers with a surfaced, glue-edge finished product, which optimizes throughput by utilizing R1E, R2E, S4S, and S2S.
  • The SLR system maximizes yields and minimizes waste.
  • SLR can process thicknesses between 4/4-8/4, widths form 3”-24”, and lengths form 6’-16’.

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