White Ash Wood Strength

When it comes to hardwood, White Ash is a popular choice for its strength, flexibility, and great looks. Our White Ash hardwood is dense with bright white sapwood, light tan heartwood, and uniform, well-defined annual growth rings. It is known for its durability. Whether you’re creating a masterpiece or a functional tool, White Ash is a choice that can help you feel confident in your creation and will stand the test of time.

White Ash Hardwood Chart

Strength and Durability

White Ash is known for its sturdiness and resilience and has a Janka hardness rating of 1320. It has exceptional bending properties, making it firm and malleable. White Ash creations last over long periods, making it the preferred choice of applications requiring strength and flexibility.


White Ash is known for its stunning appearance, with a light color palette that is creamy white and light tan shades. The grain on the wood is straight and very pronounced, so it adds a touch of elegance when used for any project. White Ash is great for interior design projects because of its versatility. It takes stains well and offers a strong finish.

White Ash Hardwood Trees


One of Gutchess Lumber’s core values has always been sustainability, with a strong belief in sustainable forestry practices and a focus on environment preservation. Thus, we ensure that all of our hardwoods, including White Ash, are harvested by following only sustainable forestry practices and preserving this hardwood. We encourage everyone to participate in preserving our biodiversity and only harvest wood sustainably.


Wide Array of Applications

White Ash, with a propensity for durability and malleability, also provides an extensive array of applications. Its longevity and dependability make it ideal for crafting furniture, tool handles, guitar bodies, lobster traps, and flooring. Features such as durability make it the go-to wood for crafting baseball bats and longbows. White Ash is, therefore, the perfect wood to give life to any of your creations while bringing elegance and charm to the project.

We encourage you to work with White Ash for your next project. White Ash brings durability and elegance to any project, making it perfect for almost any application.

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