Where do Furniture Manufacturers Buy Hardwood?

Furniture manufacturers are constantly looking for new places to buy the hardwood that is used to make products, including tables, chairs, bed frames, cabinets, couches, and more. Big furniture manufacturers seek new sources to purchase hardwood because they face challenges in their production line, like inconsistent quality, drying, delivery times, and yields. Challenges like this can be detrimental to the manufacturer’s bottom line. That is why finding a reliable and consistent source to purchase hardwood for furniture manufacturing is crucial.

Sustainable Hardwood Sourcing for Furniture Manufacturers

One of the best places to source quality hardwood lumber is from a sawmill that controls the lumber manufacturing process from start to finish. Companies like Gutchess Lumber, which has been manufacturing hardwood for over 100 years, have perfected their process to produce the highest-quality hardwood, which is used to make furniture and other wooden products.

Gutchess Lumber sources hardwood, in the form of standing timber or logs, from within a 100-mile radius of its manufacturing facilities across New York and Pennsylvania. This allows their forestry team to ensure all trees are harvested responsibly, taking care of the land to promote natural forest regeneration.

Furniture manufacturers can also check how long their hardwood source has been in business. Their longevity in the industry can reflect the quality and consistency of their hardwood products as well. Gutchess Lumber has been in business since 1904, with customers worldwide, including many furniture manufacturers.

American Hardwood for International Furniture Manufacturing

If you are a furniture manufacturer abroad and need quality American hardwood, your best bet is to find a kiln-dried hardwood manufacturer in the Northeastern region of the United States. This region, also called the Appalachian region, is known worldwide for its prized hardwood selection.

Hardwood from the Northeastern Region of the United States

The Northeastern region is known for its hardwood for several reasons, including the favorable climate and species diversity.

In the North, the climate is favorable with cool temperatures and seasons that are actually seasons (there is a true Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). This climate is ideal for hardwood species because it allows the trees to grow slower, leading to tighter growth rings and a more consistent product.

Several hardwood species thrive in the Northeastern region of America. These include Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, Birch, Basswood, Ash, Beech, Cherry, Hickory, and Poplar.

The Best Hardwoods for Furniture Manufacturing

Some of the best hardwood species for furniture manufacturing are produced responsibly and sustainably by American sawmills like Gutchess Lumber. Gutchess hardwood goes into making tables, chairs, cabinets, and more. See the best hardwood species for these furniture manufacturers below.

Tables: One of the best hardwood species for table manufacturing is Hard Maple. It can be stained or painted to match your catalog of tables or create new products.

Chairs: Cherry hardwood is a great option for chair manufacturers because it is a hardwood species that matures over time. This means that if a chair manufacturer wants to create intricate details on the legs or back of the chair, they will become more prominent over time.

Cabinets: Cabinet manufacturers should consider Red Oak, a popular hardwood species that is a cost-efficient alternative to White Oak and can be stained to mimic the color of White Oak.



Where do Table Manufacturers get their Hardwood?

If you’ve ever visited a Hilton Hotel, P.F. Changs, or Disney restaurants like Cononado Springs or Kona Café and noticed their tables, you have seen Gutchess Lumber’s hardwood! Table manufacturers have trusted Gutchess Lumber as their trusted kiln-dried hardwood source for decades, including Gutchess Lumber customer Table Topics.

Table Topics purchases kiln-dried hardwood directly from Gutchess and manufacturers tables that go into popular dining and hotel establishments worldwide. Table Topics purchases from Gutchess Lumber because they know they will get their shipment of consistent hardwood delivered on time, which is critical when their customers have a deadline for new tables.

For all furniture manufacturers looking for a new source to buy hardwood, look no further than Gutchess Lumber. This 120-year-old sawmill and lumber yard is known worldwide for producing some of the finest kiln-dried hardwood products for furniture, from large pieces to stair treads.

White Ash Wood Strength

When it comes to hardwood, White Ash is a popular choice for its strength, flexibility, and great looks. Our White Ash hardwood is dense with bright white sapwood, light tan heartwood, and uniform, well-defined annual growth rings. It is known for its durability. Whether you’re creating a masterpiece or a functional tool, White Ash is a choice that can help you feel confident in your creation and will stand the test of time.

White Ash Hardwood Chart

Strength and Durability

White Ash is known for its sturdiness and resilience and has a Janka hardness rating of 1320. It has exceptional bending properties, making it firm and malleable. White Ash creations last over long periods, making it the preferred choice of applications requiring strength and flexibility.


White Ash is known for its stunning appearance, with a light color palette that is creamy white and light tan shades. The grain on the wood is straight and very pronounced, so it adds a touch of elegance when used for any project. White Ash is great for interior design projects because of its versatility. It takes stains well and offers a strong finish.

White Ash Hardwood Trees


One of Gutchess Lumber’s core values has always been sustainability, with a strong belief in sustainable forestry practices and a focus on environment preservation. Thus, we ensure that all of our hardwoods, including White Ash, are harvested by following only sustainable forestry practices and preserving this hardwood. We encourage everyone to participate in preserving our biodiversity and only harvest wood sustainably.


Wide Array of Applications

White Ash, with a propensity for durability and malleability, also provides an extensive array of applications. Its longevity and dependability make it ideal for crafting furniture, tool handles, guitar bodies, lobster traps, and flooring. Features such as durability make it the go-to wood for crafting baseball bats and longbows. White Ash is, therefore, the perfect wood to give life to any of your creations while bringing elegance and charm to the project.

We encourage you to work with White Ash for your next project. White Ash brings durability and elegance to any project, making it perfect for almost any application.